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I am a tiara wearing, spirited creative, wife and puppy mom, Jesus lover, and a serial entrepreneur businesswoman.  I thrive on traveling the road less traveled and crave adventure. So far in life, I have married the love of my life, built and sold a clothing company along side my best friend, launched Nature's Notebook,  explored the world of corporate sales and have made countless friendships that will last a lifetime. Life is so much fun!
Last year I began chasing a dream of breaking ground for my own official Courtney Noelle studio. It now serves as the home of my sales agency, marketing consultations and my blog, Joyfully Living In Style.  In the day-of-the-life of Courtney Noelle, you'd find me creating a list of goals (where I keep in my favorite corner of my studio space), consulting my amazing clients and beginning and ending my day doing something new. My passions in life include fashion and continuously changing up my own personal style, sharing and spreading inspirations, and adoring all things that glitter and sparkle! Above all else, my number one calling in life is to bring people laughter. I have been blessed with what I call "random cute words turrets," which goes hand in hand with my crazy and infectious personality.
Since I was a little girl, I've thrown a little more spice into life than the average person. I was at a summer retreat when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. A gentlemen prayed with me and encouraged my young self by saying,
" You are going to bring joy to people, that is your gift."
What I have learned through all of my experiences thus far, whether easy or hard, life is building me up to shine brighter like a diamond I was created to be. Nothing is more fulfilling for me than being able to consult my CN Marketing clients by connecting them with the wonderful people and companies that I have grown to adore over the years in this industry. Helping others achieve their dreams is the gift that keeps on giving!  
High Kicks Party People,  and tap into God’s purpose for you!  Above all else, live joyfully!
Courtney Noelle